Welcome to the world of...

Lezly Kaye

 Lezly Kaye

Welcome to the world of...

Purpose, Passion & Profound Self-love

In the Tapestry of Life...

Every thread is a story, and every colour is an emotion.

Here, in the sanctuary of self-discovery, we weave the narrative of your truest self into a masterpiece of love, truth, and freedom.

I am Lezly Kaye,  your guide on this transformative journey to the heart of what matters most:

A life lived with purpose, passion, and profound self-love.

The Awakening

For me, it was a symphony of moments, a crescendo of self-realisation that echoed through the hollows of material success.

From the embers of a multi-million dollar enterprise to the ashes of a $3 million tax bill, my path was a phoenix's flight, rising from the questions that burned within.

It was not the loss of wealth but the discovery of worth that ignited my mission.
There comes a time when the universe calls us to pause and listen.

The Evolution

Through the transformative powers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy, breathwork, plant medicines, and somatic therapy, I crafted the Self Responsibility Code, a testament to the power within us to co-create the life of our dreams.

It is a journey not to a destination but into the depths of our being, where love, truth, and freedom reside.

My quest for fulfilment evolved into a pilgrimage of the soul.
As an experienced 7&8 figure business founder, Lezly Kaye knows what it takes to sit at the helm of big business.

She’s embodied losing it all and finding herself in the process.

She’s here to give women who want it all the support she never had.

Someone with big business success, real world strategy coupled with integrated self actualisation, dripping in pleasure, play and prosperity.

Grounded Leadership with Lezly Kaye must-haves

Foundations Of Grace
How to go from wildly successful, but secretly unfulfilled, to revealing deep desires, redefining your vision and amplifying impact in just 4 days.
Peak Potential Meditation
Dissolving fear and unlocking alchemy


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Leading With
Alchemy In Action
These are the chords of my voice, the melody that sings to you that love. Self-love is the key to unlocking the existence we yearn for.

The deeper our relationship with ourselves, the more profound our dance with life becomes.
Raw Truthful Compassionate.

The Voice

To a place where love is not just felt but lived, where truth is not just spoken but embraced, where freedom is not just sought but achieved.

In every service I offer, this passion pulses, a constant reminder that the journey within is the most rewarding of all.

My heart beats to the rhythm of guiding souls home.

The Passion

Where sacrifice is obsolete, and balance is innate. My mission is to cultivate this world, to nurture leaders who are as regulated as they are radiant, whose businesses and lives are reflections of their inner harmony.

Imagine a world where female CEOs lead with an embodied presence.

The Mission

My Offerings

From the evergreen Embodied CEO Mastermind to intimate group coaching and one-on-one mentoring.

My offerings are beacons for rapid evolution, ensuring that your nervous system can embrace the abundance you are calling in.

You are not alone on this path; I am here to illuminate the unseen, to hear the unspoken, and to guide you to the love and strength within.

As Seen In

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We are a constellation of embodied female CEOs, each star shining with the light of self-knowledge, each connection a thread in the fabric of a collective dream.

Your story of transformation is waiting to be told, and I am here to help you write it.


The Community

A future where women lead with pleasure, prosperity, and peace. A future where the hustle is replaced by harmony and the workday is infused with wellness.

As your guide, I evolve with you, shaping a new paradigm of leadership and life.
My Vision is...

The Vision

The Invitation

Let this be the first step toward a life where you are deeply connected, profoundly supported, and truly free. You were never meant to walk this path alone, and with me, you never will.
Together, let's step into a world where love, truth, and freedom are not just ideals but realities we live every day.

Begin your journey with a connection call.

The Self Responsibility Code

Our bespoke program sets us apart from the rest.

It empowers individuals and organisations to take ownership of their actions and decisions, unlocking their true potential. By embracing authenticity and weaving personal growth with business success. 

We help you build high-performing teams, implement effective strategies, and find or deepen your purpose-driven path.

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Leading With Self-responsibility

About Lezly

Welcome to the world of Lezly Kaye, where she stands as a beacon of transformation in a world where the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience is not just a theory, but a lived experience. Her journey is a testament to the power of self-discovery and the relentless pursuit of truth. From a successful entrepreneur steering million-dollar businesses to a guide illuminating the path for others, Lezly's story is one of metamorphosis, from who she was to who she is now – a weaver of worlds, a way shower, a light bearer, and a truth seeker.

More About Lezly

Lezly's journey began like many in the high-stakes world of business, where success was measured in turnovers and market conquests. Yet, amidst the accolades and achievements, a deeper calling whispered to her soul. It was a call to explore the uncharted territories of the human psyche, to delve into the realms of ancient medicine, and to marry these with the cutting-edge insights of neuroscience. This quest was not just about adding more to her already impressive repertoire; it was about refining to less, about stripping back to the core essence of being.
What her journey showed her, is that the universe quietly whispers, taps you on the shoulder, and then she knocks you to your feet. Navigating exponential business growth, and a failing relationship all whilst navigating the depths of a deep awakening, lez became hungry for answers. And acutely aware she would have to do it all alone, and so her quest for self-actualisation began. 
The transformation was profound. Lezly emerged not just as a successful entrepreneur but as a healer, a mentor, and a guide for those seeking to navigate the complexities of life and business. She recognized that true success is not just about financial prosperity but about fulfilment, joy, and longevity. Walking the path herself, becoming a seeker of truth and a fearless warrior of her own shadow. Her approach to life and healing goes beyond traditional therapy and business coaching. She understands that high-achieving women often wear masks, hiding their true selves even in therapy. Lezly's method is different – she asks the right questions, shines a light into the darkest corners, and helps her clients face their truths fearlessly.
Lezly's work is a clarion call to those who have been fearless in business but now seek to be fearless in their quest back to themselves. She helps high-achieving women come home to more pleasure, play, and prosperity, not by teaching them how to run their businesses, but by guiding them back to themselves. Her approach is holistic, addressing not just the mind and the business, but the soul and its deepest yearnings.
Lezly's journey of healing and self-discovery has equipped her with the wisdom to guide others. She has alchemised her masculine and feminine energies, sought answers to life's profound questions, and emerged with insights that resonate deeply with those she helps. Her work is for the self-aware, the personal growth junkie, and those craving to be truly seen and understood.
Lezly Kaye's invitation is to those ready to redefine success, to those who seek a life of abundance, love, and freedom. It's for the women who have been told they were too much and are now ready to embrace their full potential. Whether you're just beginning to explore spirituality and energetics or are deep in the throes of shadow work, Lezly offers the illumination needed to elevate your journey.
Lezly promises not just business success but a journey towards true prosperity – a prosperity that encompasses self-mastery, freedom, and the joy of being your authentic self. She stands ready to guide you through the flames of transformation, to help you discover who you are beyond your business and achievements, and to bring you home to the truth of who you have always been.
Lezly Kaye's story is not just about her transformation; it's an invitation to embark on your own journey of discovery, to strip back the layers, and to find the unadulterated truth of your being. Are you ready to walk this path with her?

Together, let's step into a world where love, truth, and freedom are not just ideals, but realities we live every day.